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This is the inclusive lingerie (and swimwear!) brand influencers are obsessed with right now

Any excuse to update our underwear.

29 Aug 2019

Shopping for underwear can be daunting at the best of times. You've got the whole nearly-nude-in-a-public-changing-room vibe going on, the inevitable body hangups (even if it is just that you're not keen on your left knee), and, of course, the sizing discrepancies that render you trying on 8 of the same bra before one fits...

Now imagine doing all that and being any size *other* than what the mass-market lingerie world deems 'normal'.

Say, your boobs are a G, for example. What then?

What is already a tricky shopping trip can become nigh on impossible when you've got a fuller figure, with almost every 'fashion' lingerie set stopping at around a size 16/D cup.

For a long time, bigger sizes seemed to go hand-in-hand with unappealing, almost functional sportswear-esque sets. But for what reason? If a size 6 or a size 16 girl wants to prance about in sexy, lacy lingerie, why wouldn't a size 26?

One of the industry's most popular brands combatting this ridiculous attitude is Elomi. A lingerie label designed "specifically for women with a fuller figure", Elomi's bra sizing goes from a 32 back to a 46, and a D cup to a K.

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‘Instagram now demotes vaguely ‘inappropriate’ content’ • Yes it’s a free platform, but it’s a platform that everyone should get a level advantage on, and we are free to choose who we follow and want to see on our timelines. People post scantily clad images for all sorts of reasons - lingerie brands, bloggers, sex workers, body positive accounts. By demonising content that will ALWAYS BE SOUGHT OUT you aren’t protecting anyone - you’re actually further pushing the idea that this content is always shameful and wrong. It’s so tiresome. I follow all of the above accounts. I wear underwear and like to see what brands are selling and who they’re featuring it on. I support fellow bloggers and get inspired by their images. Body positive accounts are a warm hug against the cold and unrealistic media beauty standards. And I support and enjoy the content from sex workers for all of the previous reasons. I’m constantly sent dick pics. I get hundreds of likes removed that you guys leave me. Harassed in my live videos. Blocked for liking too many of your lovely comments too quickly. Shadow banned for just existing fatly. And that’s a common problem. But once again this platform goes after content that has always followed the guidelines (ie no female nipples, oh lord), and I’m here unable to block men directly after they’ve commented on my lives asking to fuck my ‘asphole’. I have to physically look these pricks up to stop them being able to follow me. • So I guess just keep double tapping your fave brands. Celebs. Bloggers. Vloggers. Keep liking the content that you signed up for and chose to follow 💔 • #gifted set from @elomilingerie. I love it, but my top heavy boobies would like something with a little more side fabric and upper cup yield 🍬

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In my opinion, everyone needs a red bra in their closet! 😉❤️ As you gals know I love @elomilingerie for not only their fit, but how versatile their collections are. 👙💥 This Charley Plunge Bra has a low center that gives me plunge which is great for low cut dresses and tops. 💃🏽✨ Also, how cute is this flower detailing?! 😍💐 I’m wearing a 36FF! 🛍 Shop this look at @nordstrom via CaralynMirand.com > shop my IG and on the @liketoknow.it app!) #elomi #elomilingerie #elomicharley #nordstrom #ad #liketkit #LTKcurves #LTKspring #LTKstyletip http://liketk.it/2CE0p

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According to the brand, the designs have been "extensively engineered, tested and graded only on the fuller figure, featuring firmer-fitting fabrics, deeper wings and centre pull-straps to create an even lift." And guess what else... they're fun, flattering and sexy AF. Groundbreaking, huh?!

Unsurprisingly, the influencer set caught on pretty quickly, with the likes of Callie Thorpe, Jada Sezer and Ioana Chira all huge fans.

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You know I’m all about supporting girls! Jokes aside, @elomilingerie are a lingerie brand that I highly recommend, I wore this brand of sports bra when running the London Marathon & have since discovered their lovely lingerie collection like this, Charley Bra. They offer support, comfort and uncompromising style - spanning most importantly across sizes D -K. #elomicharley #elomilingerie #inclusivebrands #sexyateverysize #lingeriethatfits #AD

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Sexy is a mindset, not a body size 💕 set: @elomilingerie

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Anzeige• ☀️ 💦 ☀️ 💦 Best start in this hot day 🥵

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[AD] What is it that holds you back from working out and moving your body? Is it the fear of others judgement or is it fear of your own ability? Either way I know workout intimidation is real. I’ve been there, avoiding gyms, group classes, or open spaces and it’s definitely not fun. I love to move my body, go on bike rides, do yoga, go swimming at Lidos and just generally stretching my body! But even I occasionally get the fear and worry of others looking at me work out. It’s so sad that we have been made to feel this way. We should feel happy and joyful about moving our body not worried or stressed This is why I’m excited to work with @elomilingerie on their ‘Live Limitless’ challenge. I chose the challenge number 15 ‘say no to work out intimidation’ I never normally work out when I travel especially not in fancy gyms or spaces where I don’t feel comfortable, but I pushed myself and this weekend. When holidaying in Barcelona I got up and did a mini work out and stretching session on the rooftop of my hotel. It felt so good to move, and even though there were people enjoying time by the pool while I was doing it I didn’t let that stop me! It definitely helped wearing my ‘Energise’ sports bra which is SO good in making me feel secure when working out. So I’ve taken my challenge now it’s your turn. Elomi wants to help inspire and empower women to live life without limits, so they have created 30 challenges for everyone to take part in and all you need to do is sign up on the Elomi Challenge Hub www.livelimitlesschallenge.com ! Tell me your story about workout intimidation and what challenge on the hub calls out to you. Let’s live limitlessly together 💕 who is with me?! @elomilingerie #ElomiLingerie #ElomiEnergise #LiveLimitlessChallenge #LLChallenge15

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They even do swimwear, and obviously it's great...

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We deserve to feel great and enjoy the summer 👙 I know we all have our own insecurities but at the end of the day life is too short to keep being ashamed of your body. __ Thanks @elomilingerie for creating swimwear for curvy women 😍 my girls @xkamillax @oanawanna_ @diiinkaa @swabraaa

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