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How to build a positive and long-standing relationship with your natural hair

Tip-top tresses.

17 May 2019

From braids and coils, to twist-outs and wash & go's, the natural hair movement has firmly taken root in the UK as black women move away from chemical relaxers and embrace their natural, innately beautiful afro-textured hair.

To keep your natural hair in tip-top condition, you need to know the right way to care for it. And if there's anyone that knows a thing or two about achieving healthy tresses, it's Jay-Ann Lopez and Trina Charles, the award-winning influencers, co-authors of Kink, and founders of Curlture, an online empowerment platform celebrating all-things black beauty and culture.

Whether you're embarking on your own journey, are a seasoned pro, scroll ahead to discover Jay-Ann and Trina's top tips for building a positive and long-standing relationship with your natural hair.

Water is your friend

For years, it's been a belief that we should avoid water, when in reality, our hair needs a lot of it to thrive. Wash your hair regularly, use spritzes and moisture rich products.

Shrinkage means healthy hair

Length is not everything. Enjoy the spring in your hair! It's #BlackGirlMagic in its best form!

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Spring is almost here! What #BlackGirlBeauty trends are you loving? I'm loving neon/vivid eye shadows and liners against our skin. It's so bold yet effortless. In a newbie to dramatic make up tbh, I'm a glossy glowy skin kinda girl but I'm excited to perfect techniques! Also check out our previous post to enter our giveaway! It closes today! #curlture

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Check the ingredients

Some products use buzzwords to attract you, but they're not always the best for your hair. Make sure you read the first five ingredients on the product, which are the ingredients it contains most of.

Massage your scalp

This helps blood circulation and helps the health and growth of your hair.
Night time care means satin wear. Use satin pillowcases, scarves and bonnets to stop moisture from escaping your hair - that way you don't wake up with dry hair.

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Black Womanhood. What a beautiful existence. #curlture

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Detangle from tip to root

Deep condition every week. This helps moisture levels, elasticity and the overall health of your hair.

Learn your hair

Make sure you take time to enjoy your hair journey and learn its properties, such as porosity, density and thickness. This will help when choosing products for your hair and for styling.

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YOUR hair is beautiful

There is some great inspiration out there, but don't compare - your hair is magical just as it is. You've got to learn how to make that manifest. From fro's to curls, it’s all beauty and worth feeling proud of.